Saw Mill

Turn your trees into your home!

How many builders can tell you they own their own saw mill?

That’s right.  We’re not making this up.  You see, the saw mill became our own personal project because we realized early in our careers that we just can’t stand to waste anything.  Many times on a job site, perfectly useful trees have to be uprooted, cleared, and burned to make space for the home.  Well, since this was heartbreaking to us, our solution was to purchase our very own saw mill.  So if your lot has several trees, we can clear your lot, cut the logs, and haul them off.  After that, we mill and kiln-dry them.  Now, your house is ready to build out of the trees on your very own lot.

In addition to building your home, our saw mill can also help you with building your new barn, including pole barns, or we can also turn reclaimed wood into your new hardwood flooring or siding.  How many other builders can make that claim?

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Huskey Custom Sawmilling