Foundation Repairs

We will give you the highest quality job for the lowest possible price without cutting corners.

Why should you trust Wilson Construction for your foundation repairs?

  • Without a proper foundation, your structure is going to have some problems.  With an improper foundation, your structure might need to be jacked up and have a whole new foundation installed.  Jobs like these pose some huge challenges, so it’s vital that you choose a contractor with experience with these situations.


  • Since we employ our own experienced masonry and excavating crew, your job will not be delayed waiting for subcontractors.  You have the assurance that the job will be done properly by our very own staff.


  • If you have water or moisture problems with an existing foundation, it is critical to stop the problems at the source.  Moisture problems can cause mold to multiply rapidly in your home  and wreak havoc.  Call us to analyze the moisture problems with your house.  We pledge to stop the water problems from where they begin–unlike some of our competitors.

Call Wilson Construction today to analyze your foundation repair needs.  (865) 984-2895