Nothing’s impossible!

Why should you choose Wilson Construction for your log home?

  • Your log home will be custom-made for you–and NOT from a kit like you might find from our competition.


  • Log homes and traditional building methods happen to be a personal love of ours.


  • There is no need to find a special plan.  Any home based on any plan can be constructed as a log home.


  • Log homes are extremely energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.  Solar technology can also be included and probably more affordably than you think.


  • Since we own our own saw mill, your logs will be custom-cut to meet the needs of your log home design.


“There’s no limit to what Wilson Construction can do.  We purchased an existing log home that required some challenging repairs, so we contacted Wilson Construction.  Since it is a log home, it was a difficult job.  Wilson completed the job perfectly, and we were extremely pleased.  We have also used them for other projects since this one because we can trust that they will get the job done right.”                            -Tebor K., Maryville, TN


Call Wilson Construction today so that we can discuss the log home of your dreams!